Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks Exxon!

In light of Obama's predictable class warfare rhetoric in regards to the latest report by Exxon that they broke a record for amount of profits (but nowhere near the record in percentage profits), I would like to take this moment to do something you rarely hear someone do.

I would like to thank Exxon for all that they have done for the world.

Thank you, Exxon, for providing fuels so that people can travel, move goods, and have the energy needed to have better lives.
Thank you, Exxon, for providing jobs to millions of people around the world, directly and indirectly.
Thank you, Exxon, for providing your products at a relatively cheap price so that not just the rich and middle class, but the poor as well can use your product to make their lives better.
Thank you, Exxon, for your generosity.
Thank you, Exxon, for making so many people's lives far better than they would be without you.

Exxon is a vastly superior, far more moral institution than is any institution within any government in the world. They have provided more benefits than any government ever has, and they have caused far less damage to people and the environment than has any government. In fact, Exxon harms almost nobody on earth; it benefits 99.99% of all who come into contact with them. No government -- not even the best government -- can make that claim. For all these reasons, I would like to thank Exxon.
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