Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nobels for Physics and for Chemistry

THis year's Nobel for Chemistry went to the researchers who discovered a luminous protein that can be used as a cell marker. It can be used to trace cell growth, and thus puts biological studies into the 4th dimension of time.

The Nobel Prize for Physics was for the discovery of spontaneous broken symmetry. Interestingly, my book "Diaphysics," which should come out this Spring, deals in no small part with spontaneous broken symmetry, identifying it as a mechanism which drives complexity in the universe.

May I suggest that the idiot who says human evolution is over will never get a Nobel Prize, and in fact deserves an Ignobel for having made the comment in the first place. It's amazing how ignorant even scientists can be. There are an incredible number of evolutionary mechanisms, and not all point mutations are found in the sperm of older men.
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