Monday, February 11, 2008

Liberals ' Racism Exposed!

Susan Estrich almost confesses something about the Democratic party: that it is full of racists. Worse, it's not the usual suspects: Southern Democrats. No, it seems to be the most liberal Democrats, in the Northeast and California. Now, she doesn't quite admit this, but you will note that, in her article, she says that there is a phenomenon where people will say to a pollster that they are going to vote one way, and then vote another. More, people even seem to be lying at the exit polling. She points out that in both New Hampshire and California, the polls indicated that Obama was ahead by about 10% points. Then, according to the exit polls, he was tied with Clinton. Then, when the votes were counted, he lost by about 10% points. This means that 20% of the electorate lied to pollsters -- half of them lied twice. Now, why would they lie? There is only one explanation (and here Susan Estrich should pay close attention, because I'm going to demystify what has been happening), and that is that a significant number of liberals are racist -- deeply racist. Now, how do I know they are liberals? Why would you lie about who you are going to vote for? Because you want everyone to believe -- even the faceless pollster -- that you are a good, anti-racist liberal. But when you are in the voting booth, nobody knows it's you, so you can vote for who you want, meaning about 20% of the voters in New Hampshire and California, as well as a significant percentage of those in the Northeast, went into the voting booth and said, "Like hell I'm going to vote for some stupid (fill in your least/most favorite racial slur here)!" And please note that this happened in California and the Northeast. Obama has done well in the South -- even among whites -- in the Midwest, the Northwest, and about half the western states. THe only places that seem to be solidly Hillary (other than expected places like Arkansas and New York) are the most liberal places. Now, that alone doesn't mean they are mostly racists in those states. But the extremely wide difference between what the polls in those places say and what the actual results of voting there are does. And we don't see this phenomenon anyplace but liberal strongholds. In all the places where Obama did well, the polls were about right.

All in all this doesn't surprise me in the least. I've known for a long time that liberals are among the most racist people on earth. They are nice and polite to your face, but stab you in the back. They are generous with other people's money, but won't tip their waitresses a dime. And they support legislation that appears to help racial minorities, but has proven over and over again to do nothing but keep racial minorities "in their place" -- which is always far away from wherever a white liberal lives.
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