Sunday, February 03, 2008

Education -- Thoughts and Questions

Many other animals learn, but humans are the only ones that actively teach. Active teaching is getting and keeping another's attention so that they can learn something. Thus it seems likely that education is an instinct in humans. This still doesn't necessarily answer my previous question, but it should put it into some perspective.

If teaching is a human instinct, then how come there are good and bad teachers? Even instincts need training to fine-tune them. The fact that teaching is a human instinct should be a rather condemning fact for most education departments turning out such rotten teachers.

Of course they are doing a rotten job of teaching . . . what? What is it that students need to learn? Do all students need to learn the same things? What is or should be the point of education? Does your answer apply to everyone at all times in every culture? Why should it? Or why shouldn't it?
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