Friday, April 17, 2009

Op-Ed in the Dallas Morning News

I have an Op-Ed in the Dallas Morning News on education and ethics. Cross your fingers that this is the first of many.


John said...

Nice work. During my education degree, I had to take several classes concerned with differentiating instruction for exceptional learners, multiple intelligences, etc. The message we were given over and over is that the teacher's primary objective while differentiating instruction should be to compensate for or redress students' socioeconomic and cognitive disadvantages. Gifted children, on the other hand, should be kept busy with supplementary "extra work," but neither require nor deserve extra teacher time.

As if bright kids didn't have enough trouble in schools already, we have teachers and administrators reinforcing students' perception that overachievers are "nerds" and "keeners" who love schoolwork for its own sake, and that the average student should play dumb if s/he wants to avoid extra busywork and/or get attention from the teacher.

It's a disgrace.

Troy Camplin said...

NO kidding. The response has been awesome. Other than the comments left online, I have also receive 21 emails. Should be interesting to see if it generates letters to the editor.

John said...

I should note that the one class where I never heard anything of the sort was my philosophy of education class. But our professor was Czech, and we were reading Plato, Aristotle, etc., so it kind of makes sense. We also read a good book called Left Back by Diane Ravitch about failed school reforms in the late 19th and 20th century, mostly initiated by liberal would-be social engineers.

Troy Camplin said...

From a professor from an egalitarian-promoting country (at the time), and a curriculum of authors who promote excellence? Not surprising.

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