Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Call For Papers

First Paper call

The Fund for the Study of Spontaneous Orders at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation is seeking papers exploring the theme

“Organization and Emergence:
Tensions and Symbiosis”
at its
December 3-6, 2009

We seek original work in three areas:

1. Exploring the relations between emergent orders and the instrumental organizations within them. To what degree are they benign, mutually beneficial, or conflicting? For example, the role of interest groups and political parties within democracy considered as an emergent order; the role of corporations and unions within the market considered as an emergent order; schools of thought within science considered as an emergent order.

2. Exploring organizations that straddle the borders of different emergent orders, such as the market or politics and the environment, the market and science, democracy and science, and so on. Different emergent processes are coordinated by different rules biased towards different values. How do they interact?

4. The nature of rules that generate and sustain emergent processes compared to rules that generate organizations.

Acceptable papers may be either case studies or more general theoretical explorations. Revised papers will be published in our new, open source online journal, Studies in Emergent Order.

To be guaranteed consideration, proposals must be in by May 20. The proposal should describe the anticipated argument and how it relates to at least one of the conference themes. Proposals should be no more than two pages double-spaced, not including an optional bibliography of works the author anticipates discussing. Submit your proposal to

The Fund will select a maximum of 12 papers for inclusion in its conference, and will notify their authors by May 30, 2009. Final papers must be submitted to the Fund by September 1, 2008.

Authors of accepted papers will have their expenses met to, from, and during the conference, to be held in a still to be determined location in upstate New York. They will also receive $1250 for accepted papers. In return, authors will participate in the conference and we will have the right to first publish any accepted papers in the journal Studies in Emergent Order.

for the Fund for the Study of Spontaneous Orders

Gus diZerega

William C. Dennis

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