Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Tale of Two Disasters

It took about three days for government
To make it in ot New Orleans. The flood
Of hurricane and weakened levies, blood
Of people shot by criminals have sent

In a diaspora the citizens
To raise up crime in Houston and make flow
A new jazz scene in San Antonio.
A media-created rosy lens

Gets a corrupt man re-elected mayor,
Though we was most responsible for all
The deaths – the buses did not get the call,
The money “somehow” gone. It was a day or

Two of such terrible existence – sin
And graft, corruption was rewarded, death
The image reinforced each day. The breath
Of vast incompetence was not reigned in/

The ice storm in Kentucky displaced more
Across a larger area, the lights
And heat were gone in freezing cold. The sights,
However, were of houses of the poor

And trees enwrapped in shining crystal ice.
Who cares about a bunch of hillbillies
Who had to live in hotels or else freeze?
I bet that most of them are full of lice.

It took about three days for media
To cover Kentucky’s disastrous storm,
Ignoring it almost until the warm
Winds came to melt the ice. The area

Was hit by something nameless; it was not
Katrina – named and thus something that we
Could talk about. Is that the reason three
Days passed? Can lack of naming change the lot

Of people, suffering? We still refer
To 9-11 with a number – it’s
Without a name. perhaps it hardly fits
The stories that the media prefer.

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