Friday, March 20, 2009

Am I a Potential Domestic Terrorist?

Gee, I go away for a week, and while I'm gone, I learn that I may be a domestic terrorist. I learned this fun little piece of information from Glenn Beck Thursday night.

Apparently, if you are a supporter of Ron Paul and Bob Barr (I did support both), associate with third parties (and I just paid my LP dues only two weeks ago), are a member of Campaign for Liberty (oops, just helped organize the Texas version of that), have watched Aaron Russo's movie "America: Freedom to Fascism" (I did happen to watch that right before I saw the Glenn Beck thing). I did show up to an anti-Federal Reserve rally once, and I do happen to think that the role of the Fed is un-Constitutional (oops, they also said that supporters of the Constitution tend to be potential domestic terrorists), since the Constitution grants Congress the duty of determining the value of money -- a duty which cannot be outsources without a Constitutional amendment. This blog is full of anti-government propaganda (I rather think of it as well-reasoned discussion points, but one man's analysis based on reason, logic, and evidence is another man's propaganda). I also happen to think that the only proper way to depict the IRS is in a derogatory manner, as should all thieves, whether professional or amateur (I do nonetheless pay my taxes -- and probably overpay my taxes -- because I do have enough sense to be afraid of people who run a protection racket).

Apparently, people such as me are also supposed to be racist, homophobic, and anti-immigrant. Except that I am pro-immigration, pro-gay rights, and am about as non-racist as one can possibly be (I even took a test that showed I have no biases). And I am all these things precisely because I am generally anti-government -- or, at least, anti-big government. Though one cannot exactly escape anarchists when one is associated with the Libertarian Party of the Campaign for Liberty, I don't happen to be one of them. I love how if one is anti-government, one must be a crazy Right-winger. Apparently there aren't any anti-government Leftists out there as far as our government is concerned. But everyone should be concerned that supporters of a sitting Congressman are considered to be potential domestic terrorists.

I also used to have a Gadsden Flag, but I may have given that away.

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