Saturday, January 03, 2009


A fun article on relativism at New Criterion. There's a continuation of the very misunderstanding of Nietzsche that lead to relativism, but it's otherwise a good article. It does support my belief that Rousseau is the root of all evil in the West, extending into contemporary times. I am almost of the opinion that Rousseau's works should be given the same fate he was happy the volumes of the Great Library met. If one can be sent to Hell for the outcomes of one's ideas -- and I think one can -- then Rousseau is in a lower rung of Hell than even Marx. Perhaps even below Satan himself -- I think Satan was better-intentioned than Rousseau was.


Winton Bates said...

Troy: I don't have access to New Criterion. Does this article in Reason capture the main point Scruton is making about Rousseau? See:

Troy Camplin said...

It's a better criticism of Rousseau than Kimball's essay, and more thorough. These comments on Rousseau were in fact more mine.