Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kentucky Ice Storm vs. New Orleans Hurricane

It has been bizarre how little the ice storm that hit Kentucky and Arkansas has been in the news, considering what happened there. My father lives in Kentucky, and a few days ago he was telling me from his hotel room in Tennessee that they were told there would be no electricity for 3 weeks. He said there were reports of looting in Madisonville, the nearest small city to White Plains, where he lives (pop. 500) and that the national guard was called out. He said the tops of trees throughout Kentucky were out. Anyone who was still in Kentucky would have to go to Tennessee or Evansville, IN to get food, gas, etc. He said he was planning to get a generator and a heater and try to go back and rough it out.

What is odd to me is how little this has been covered in the news. It was only today that I even saw it in I guess nobody cares about a bunch of hillbillies who were displaced by a storm and forced to live in substandard conditions and flee to other states. I guess nobody wants the President to look bad, either. This almost seems like a negative image of what happened a few years ago in New Orleans.

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