Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's Time For a Change!

The American poet Ezra Pound said, "Make it new!" And that is what artistic Modernism did: it made it new, made it new, made it new, and made it new, until it reached a postmodernism completely disconnected from the past. It became newness for newness sake. Change for the sake of change. Why change? Because change is what art is all about!

Today's politicians expose their postmodernism in their constant mantra for "change." What we need is change! But what kind of change? Is it just change for the sake of change? Not all change is created equal. The attitude that "anything else is better than this" is what will get you things like national socialism, fascism, and communism. All of those are something else. All of those will result in change. And all of those were touted as precisely untethered change.

It is thus perhaps no coincidence that Ezra Pound was a fascist.


Todd Camplin said...

I got a few pennies for those that want change, because I am sure I will be taxed to get that change.

Troy Camplin said...

Amen, brother.