Friday, December 31, 2010

What I Wish I Could Resolve To Do

The year is almost over, and the time for resolutions is here.

I never make any.

The things I need are outside of my ability to achieve exclusively on my own.

I would love to resolve that I will have a job that pays more and makes use of my degrees, but that's entirely dependent upon someone else chosing to hire me. Once I've sent out of C.V.'s, there's not much else I can do other than follow up.

I would love to resolve that I will have more money. That will only come about if I get a new (or another) job. Or if money were to just suddenly appear. Anyone who would like to make money just appear for me, please let me know. :-) I promise to use it to pay off bills. Seriously. That's my big dream with extra money. To pay off bills.

I would love to have some plays performed. I can send them out, but it's entirely up to the producers/directors at the play houses to accept it for production. It would perhaps make a difference if I could attend more plays locally, as that would help me to develop relationships with those playhouses. Unfortunately, with my working 3rd shift, I have a hard time getting to any plays. Also, I don't have any money.

I would also love to resolve to spend more time with my wife, but that is dependent too upon getting another job, so our schedules can match.

About the only things that are entirely within my control, I have little doubt that I will do: write. In that case I would resolve to do what I do. Perhaps I should try to write more plays and scholarly articles. Certainly I should try to send more things out. I've been getting better at sending things out, but I need to do even better.
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