Monday, December 27, 2010

New York City (Here We Come?)

My wife and I would love to move to New York City (or very, very close nearby). We are finished with Dallas. It is time to move on. I visited NYC and loved it. I felt like I was finally home. I want to move there. It is time to move on.

Of course, my wife and I need jobs. She has a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Master's in organizational development. She has worked as a social worker and, most recently, as a Spanish/bilingual elementary school teacher (she has taught preK, K, and 1st). I have a Bachelor's in recombinant gene technology, M.A. in English, and Ph.D. in humanities. I wrote plays, poems, and fiction, as well as scholarly work applying Austrian economics to literary production, neuro-Hayekianism, and (upcoming) spatial economics. I have taught college English composition and literature in a charter school, and I am currently working at a hotel at the front desk (I would obviously like to do something else, but I do have this experience). If anyone knows of anything in the area either of us could do, we would appreciate it.
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