Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Play Dialogue

Possible conversations for a possible play:

Her: Tonight I want to go out.

Him: Where you want to go?

Her: Don't really care. You pick.

Him: You sure?

Her: I'm sure. You pick.

Him: Well, how 'bout sushi, then?

Her: Not sushi. I'm really not much in the mood for it.

Him: No seafood, then?

Her: Not really.

Him: Mexican?

Her: No.

Him: You should pick.

Her: No, you pick. I don't really care.

Him: I'd say you do.

Her: You pick.

Him: Perhaps some Thai?

Her: Too spicy. I'm not in the mood for spicy.

Him: Well, you pick, then.

Her: Wherever you would like.

Him: Of course.


There was another one, but I forgot it. Annoying.
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