Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Melina

Today is Melina's birthday.
She is 4.

Her favorite things are:
baby dolls, crocodiles, dresses, ballet, "T-saurus rex", everything on Nick Jr. (most favorite: Yo Gabba-Gabba and The Upside Down Show), music (classical, pop, metal, and punk), her friends Walker and Jayden, Mrs. Barbara, her imaginary baby sister "Sally," and her imaginary entourage: goblin, baby fox, baby wolf, and the smoogies (of which there are now six). ( I leave out the obvious: family, immediate and extended.)

But wait! What are smoogies, you ask? Well, according to Melina, they are "part baby bird, part baby dragon, part baby parrot, and part duck." If you keep in mind that she has no idea what a real baby parrot looks like, and that she is probably imagining just a tiny parrot, you probably have some idea of what they might look like.
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