Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Synopsis of Diaphysics -- and Places You Can Order It

Diaphysics is a philosophical work that investigates what I am terming “diaphysical laws” – the laws of nature which go through each of the levels of emergence in the universe, from quantum physics to chemistry, biology, the human mind, and the products of the human mind, such as the arts and economic and social systems. These diaphysical laws include fractal geometry, strange attractors, chaos, bios, information theory, etc., and are responsible for systems to emerge into new levels of complexity. Non-system entities lack the diaphysical laws at their level, and thus are emergent dead ends. For example, a salt crystal chemically has a simple structure with minimal information and no strange attractors. But when we have a chemical system containing these laws, we see emergence into a new level of reality – biology.

In this work I combine the idea of diaphysical laws with J.T. Fraser’s theory of emergent levels of time and Graves/Beck/Cowan’s Spiral Dynamics theory of psychosocial emergence, clarifying and developing on these theories, to create an overarching theory of the evolution of complexity in the universe. In Part VI, I suggest that the Second Tier of Spiral Dynamics is, contrary to Beck and Cowan’s thesis, a new emergent level.

The book has very short chapters contained in seven parts. The seven parts are titled:
Introduction – Some Short Comments on Epistemology

I. Metaphysics
II. Physis
III. On Health and the Holy
IV. Paradox
V. On the Creation of Complexity in the Universe
VI. A Fractal Model For Emergence in the Universe to the Metahuman

Diaphysics can be pre-ordered at Amazon, eCampus, Van Stockum, Kinokuniya, Tower, and Barnes and Noble.

Why am I particularly excited to see it available on a German and a Japanese bookseller website?
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