Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Democrats Torture -- and Then Lie About It

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been lying about knowing about waterboarding and other interrogation techniques used on enemy combatants. Several sources have confirmed that she knew, meaning she has been lying about not knowing, and she didn't do anything at all at the time to stop it. She didn't even raise an objection. So it seems that the Democratic leadership was just fine with these things, meaning they are only using the issue to try to gain some political points. But the fact is, they also supported torture. Yes, the Democrats support torture. I now await all the excuses the Democrats' supporters will come up with to defend her. I can just hear it now. "She didn't have the power to do anything" (This is the biggest b.s. claim that will come out, as the President isn't dictator -- yet). "The Bush administration is still worse because . . . " Bottom line: Pelosi and many other Demcorats knew, and they approved of the techniques. Period. Worse, Pelosi is now lying about knowing. But I suppose people prefer having someone in power who tortures people and then tries to cover it up than someone who does it in public. The first person is more evil, using another evil to cover the first. What Gulag?
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