Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Short Play Being Performed

See my play at Cyberfest!

It will be Friday and Saturday, May 29th and 30th, beginning at 8:15 pm at the Dallas Hub Theater.

There will be 5 plays of 10-20 minutes each. Here is what you will get to see:

“Gender Specific” by Mary Humphrey
Directed by Joshua Bridgewater

“Love Potion #5: Tribal Musk” by Donnie Wilson
Directed by Atseko Factor

“The Wait” by Tony Hawkins
Directed by Matt Salter

“Almost Ithicaid” by Troy Camplin
Directed by Melissa Flower and Valerie Huston

“Cut Your Loss” by Rosie Arrelle McGee
Directed by TD Ballard

You can either come see it live, if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or you can see it streamed live on Yahoo Messenger. You will find the Hub Theatre on there and click on "View Webcam."

Also, go find the Dallas Hub Theater Facebook Page and MySpace Page for more information on Cyberfest.
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