Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Offended -- Where's MY Restitution?

A woman was made to take down her American flag in her office because it "offended" someone. But what if the woman who had to take the flag down takes offense that the other person took offense (as well she should)? Does that mean that the person who took offense at the flag, having taken an offensive position to the woman with the flag, should be fired from her position? After all, one cannot offend anyone. Hold it, wait. Offense is not and cannot be objective. Offense is taken by the other person. It is not up to the person who "offended", but up to the person who takes offense to determine if something is or was offensive. That puts the one who chooses whether or not to take offense all the power. It is an arbitrary power -- so there should not be any sort of laws or rules against "offending" someone. What we end up with are cases like this, where someone has to decide which offended party gets to have their way. They claimed others were also offended by the flag. So what? Never mind all the people who saw it and liked it, who felt good about it? The Kindred Hospital Corporation should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this sort of thing to go on in their hospitals.
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