Saturday, May 31, 2008

Publication, Potential Publication, Potential Production

A bit of personal good news.

1) My book "Diaphysics" -- what in philosophy would be called a work on metaphysics -- has been accepted for publication. It will be a while before it's out on the shelves, to say the least. I'll let you know when you can put in your orders. ;-)

2) My dissertation "Evolutionary Aesthetics" has been solicited by a German publishing house, so there's a fair chance that it will be published. They have the full document. Cross your fingers on that one.

3) A play house here in Dallas asked to see the full manuscript of my play "The Existentialists" after reading the first 30 pages. Again, cross your fingers that they will love the full play and produce it. I can only imagine the thrill of watching your own work being produced for the first time. With luck I will get to find out how that feels this Fall.
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