Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Al Gore's Assault on Reason

I laughed when I first saw several months ago the title of Al Gore's new book: The Assault on Reason. Naturally, coming from Al Gore, I thought it was a how-to book. But then it seems that Gore was actually making an argument for reason, which he finds under assault (which is true). Somehow he fails to see that he is as guilty of this assault as anyone else. He uses fear and exaggerated claims to garner support for "doing something" about global warming, and has shown no interest in having any sort of discussion with anyone who disagrees with him. Of course, Gore is the kind of egomaniac who believes that anyone who doesn't agree with him cannot possibly be rational.

I would certainly welcome more rational, logical, fact-based discussions of issues. I suspect, however, that if such were to occur, Leftist policies would be the ones to suffer most, as they are not based on the facts of the world as we know them to be. Leftists think the world is a zero-sum game, a pie that must be divided up, with some getting more, others getting less. What they and too many others do not understand is that this is not at all how the world works. The world is not running down -- it's becoming more complex, more creative, and is growing. Like in an ecosystem, an economy is strongest when all its members are healthy. The world is a bottom-up self-organizing, growing, creative, cybernetic, emergent system. This is true of the universe at large, living things, the ecosystem, brains, societies, and economies. Malthus was wrong. All the evidence to date shows that, if we have a naturally emergent economic system rather than a centrally controlled economic system, Malthus' predictions are completely wrong. He is only right when we have a centrally-controlled socialist entropic system. If we were to have an actual, rational, logical, fact-based discussion of issues, most of what Al Gore believes would be proven false, illogical, and irrational.
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