Friday, May 30, 2008

The Criminals Running the Country

How on earth can it not be illegal for lawmakers to actually profit from earmarks they themselves offer up for vote? How on earth is it not illegal for lawmakers to be able to profit financially from any law they pass? Talk about a conflict of interest!

Apparently Dennis Hastert was one of them who personally profited. I never liked him and I thought he was the worst thing that ever happened to the Republican party. Now it turns out he was a crook of the worst kind in Congress. The project Hastert was involved with may not be illegal, but it was certainly improper -- no, wait, not improper . . . unethical! He always seemed a little sleazy to me, and now I know why. I think we also know why he wasn't exactly a fiscal conservative.

It seems too that Pennsylvania Democratic congressman Paul Kanjorski earmarked millions for a company run by his family. This is a clear ethics violation, and if it's not illegal, it should be. Such a slimeball should be thrown out of office and prohibited from ever running for anything ever again.

Congressman Ken Calvert, R-CA did something similar to that crook Hastert involving roads near land he owns, so he will be able to directly profit from the increase in land value created by the road he funded with his earmark.

These are just the three uncovered by Fox reporters. WHo knows how many more are out there. Reporters need to look into such unethical practices. People should not be going to Washington to personally profit from money that has already been stolen from the taxpayers. Of course, every tax a lawmaker votes for is a vote for extortion of the worst kind, so I suppose we shouldn't be all that surprised that crooks like these would find other ways to profit beyond the illegal seizures of power they've been doing for decades, violating our Constitution left and right. These crooks should all be thrown in jail.
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