Thursday, May 29, 2008

Classrooms Need Fewer Problems, Not Susan Estrich's Ideas

Naturally, there is a lot of talk about the Kindergarten classroom that voted out the boy with Asperger's Syndrome. Naturally, people like Susan Estrich are outraged and want the teacher's head. Naturally, I'm going to contribute to the controversy.

It seems to be common sense that you should not pick on the disabled. Certainly. Anyone who picks on someone who is disabled is a bully of the worst kind. But are you really going to tell me that 14 out of 16 students in a classroom are bullies? Why, then, would these students vote this boy out?

At 5, the schools haven't beaten the love of learning out of the students yet, so the vast majority of 5 year olds love to learn. They are also annoyed when there is someone around who is disruptive and prevents them from learning. The "inclusion" approach our schools are now taking, where students who once upon a time were in special education classes and not put in with the regular students at all are now included with the general student population, has resulted in class environments where disruption is the rule and students are unable to learn nearly as much as they otherwise could. It is a terrible policy that is only working to create students who hate school even more and produce even less-educated students. These Kindergarteners wanted an environment where they could learn. Susan Estrich thinks they are immoral for wanting that. I think she is immoral for wanting our students to be in an environment where learning is increasingly impossible.

I think having students grouped according to age is the most ridiculous thing in the world as it is -- they should be grouped according to ability, which will allow students to learn more and more quickly. Students who are disruptive should not be in classes with other students. It doesn't matter what the reason is. And it's not "discrimination" to try to accommodate someone who has different abilities than others. The student voted out should have never been in a regular classroom. The school was doing him a great disservice by doing so. Susan Estrich wants to do such children a terrible disservice by pretending they don't have differences which need to be accommodated. Anybody who is not blinded by mindless egalitarianist ideology has enough sense to see that the student voted out will not be able to succeed in a regular classroom anyway. He has needs that need to be addressed, and cannot be addressed in a regular classroom.

Susan Estrich often makes ethically questionable comments all the time in her regular column at Fox News, but this one makes it abundantly clear that her position on most things is unethical. She is supporting a system that is designed to keep the populace ignorant, so that people like her can rule them. It's time we fought against their immoral, hateful vision.
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