Thursday, September 15, 2011

For All My Poetry (Eventually)

The new home for all my poetry: Thyme and Time Again.


TGGP said...

I read your comment noting the different combinations of cads & dads in a child's life. When I skimmed the paper you linked to I didn't any mention of such combinations.

Troy Camplin said...

From the article:

"Draper, Harpending, and Belsky have argued that men evolved to
specialize in one of the two mating strategies and have found that, cross-culturally, cads and dads show distinct clusters of personality traits. They believe that cads and dads are different human morphs, just as workers
and queens are different morphs of ants, and that whether a man becomes one or the other depends on an environmental trigger: the presence or absence of the father in the household where the son grows up. The sons of father-absent households will become cads, and those of father-present
households will become dads (Draper and Harpending 1982, 1988; Draper and Belsky 1990)" (pg. 307-8)

Draper, Patricia, and Jay Belsky
1990 Personality Development in Evolutionary Perspective. Journal of Personality 58:141–161.

Draper, Patricia, and Henry Harpending 1982 Father Absence and Reproductive Strategy: An Evolutionary Perspective. Journal of Anthropological Research 38:252–273.

1988 A Sociobiological Perspective on the Development of Human Reproductive Strategies. In Sociobiological Perspectives on Human Development, Kevin B.
MacDonald, ed. Pp. 340–372. New York: Springer.