Sunday, October 05, 2008

Barack Obama and FDR

Too many are starting to equate FDR with Obama. They are probably right, but not in the way they think. FDR was so stupid that he had food destroyed to drive up the prices during the Great Depression. That's what poor people need: higher food prices. Yet, that's what Obama promises: higher prices for everything. He's promising to raise taxes on corporations, which is a great idea if you want to raise prices on American-made goods, since that's what will happen. Corporations don't pay taxes, they just pass on the cost of taxes in higher prices. And if they can't do that, they will move someplace else where the cost of doing business is better, which will cost people jobs. The poor and the working classes are then hurt. Further, Obama has promised to raise tariffs. Great idea: raise prices once again on goods. Of course, that should make it easier for domestic companies to raise their prices once he raises their taxes. It will all get passed down to the poor. Personally, I don't like Obama's version of trickle down economics. But it certainly does sound like FDR. Of course, the tariffs that went up during the Great Depression were what drove Japan to go to war with the U.S. since they considered those tariffs to be an attempt by the U.S. to attack their economy. Who is Obama threatening with his tariffs? At least Obama has more sense than FDR on this: he has said he will put off his tax hikes if the economy weakens because they would harm the economy (FDR raised taxes, driving the economy into an even worse depression, as that is what happens when you take money out of the economy). That's a pretty interesting admission. Sadly, it went little-reported and is even less remembered. But that's what Obama thinks: higher taxes will slow down the economy. Knowing that, he wants to do it anyway (but only if the economy is doing well). Now, why would he want to slow down the economy? Also, unlike FDR, I think we can safely say that Obama won't put people into concentration camps or put a lifetime member of the Klan on the Supreme Court.

If you really bother to find out what actually went on during FDR's regime, there's little to admire from our own Fascist leader of WWII.

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