Thursday, August 06, 2009

Why I Am a Protester

The Democrats are out complaining about the protesters, accusing us of all sorts of things. Well, let me tell you why I'm a protester. I protest anyone who wishes to make this country like the rest of the world -- the kind of place people are desperately running from, coming here. If we go the way of the rest of the world, where will they go? Where will we go? For those who love liberty, where will we go? For those who do not want government controlling any part of our lives, where will we go? Am I part of an unruly mob? Don't make me be. Am I a hired hand for some special interest group? How dare those who have historically done the hiring accuse me of that! I am an American, and I protest because I love this country, because I love liberty, because I do not want this country to become what the rest of the world is. I protest because I am an American.
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