Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Self-Organizing at the Town Hall Meetings

The latest mantra out of the White House and the MSM is that the protests breaking out at all the town hall meetings across the country appear to be orchestrated and manufactured. Considering the fact that the MSM immediately began parroting the White House position, it should be clear who is being orchestrated.

But the fact that they believe this to be the case belies their world views. Obama was a "community organizer," meaning he went out and purposefully orchestrated protests, etc. Obama does not think that people can get together for a common cause without there being someone there to organize them in a direct fashion. In other words, he does not understand that people can self-organize from the bottom up -- which is what grassroots organizations are. Obama believes that organization comes from an organizer. Like him. This is why he sincerely believed he was qualified to be President because he was a community organizer. To him, the United States is merely a larger community to organize. He believes that, without him, nothing would or could happen. Believing this, he cannot imagine that people could possibly organize without direction at town hall meetings to protest the Democrats' health care plan.

Well, I have bad news for him. Tonight I will be attending a town hall meeting, and nobody is organizing me or coordinating my actions with others, or giving me talking points. I have my own question to ask, you may rest assured.
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