Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pete Session's Town Hall Meeting

Well, I just got back from the town hall meeting with Pete Sessions. He first called on women over 65, then men over 65. After allowing about 6 men over 65 take up about an hour of the meeting (he went on and on about being polite, but didn't mention anything about politely keeping your questions short so more people can ask questions), I was about 3 people behind the last person he let speak, so I didn't get to ask my question publicly. But I did ask him privately.

"Considering the fact that the Republicans have never abolished a single social program, what can we expect to happen the next time Republicans have power if this monstrosity of a health insurance bill passes?"

He first objected that the Republicans have never been in power. I pointed out that they ruled Washington for 6 years. He then said they didn't have 60 people in the Senate, and that they has in fact passed welfare reform. I observed that reform wasn't abolition, and that my wife observed that the reform did little else than create more corruption among the recipients. He hemmed and hawed, as politicians tend to do. I pointed out that I don't want a conservatism that conserves the status quo and that I wanted a conservatism that got rid of the 90% of the government that was illegal according to the Constitution.

And that's when he ignored me.

I suppose he was thinking "Oh, he's one of those." Yes, I'm one of those. First question: is the law even Constitutional? Past that, we can discuss issues of economics, costs, etc. But at the least, let's start with a law's legality. Why aren't the Republicans talking about this? Why are they afraid to attack this law on Constitutional grounds?
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