Saturday, July 04, 2009


I just bought David Hare's play "The Verticle Hour." In it there is a character named "Dennis Dutton" -- you cannot tell me that is an accident, especially considering his political ideology -- who is arguing with his political science professor. In their discussion, she accuses him of being a capitalist. He responses that he doesn't like the word "capitalism." When asked what word he would prefer for the system he prefers, he answers: Life.

I love that, because that is exactly what it is. YOu can choose vibrant life, sick life, or terminal illness leading to death: a liberal spontaneous order economic system (free market), various interventionisms and welfare states, or socialism. Friederich von Hayek says that fascism is what you get when socialism proves a failure. Fascism: the final death throes after the terminal illness of socialism.
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