Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is an Economics Degree in My Future?

So, I'm thinking about going to George Mason University and getting a graduate degree in Economics. They allow you to concentrate on the Austrians. They have a really interesting program, with classes on the history of economics, institutional economics, philosophy of economics, etc. WIth most economics programs unfortunately focusing on econometrics -- that is, economics as a field of mathematics -- it is refreshing to know there is a program out there that actually deals with the economy as a complex system. Using the simplest methods (math) to understand a highly complex system doesn't work. It results in stupid decisions and stupid ideas, for the most part. Math overly simplifies things, and oversimplification is what has caused most of our economics messes throughout the world, throughout history. Socialism was an attempt to mathematize/scientize the economy, and econometrics approaches are mostly evidence that we didn't learn the lessons of history. GMU is a place where the full range of economics is still studied. Math has its place, of course -- just just is a tiny, tiny, tiny corner of economics.

So, what does everyone think of me going to GMU to get a graduate degree in economics?
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