Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chavez and Anti-Semitism

Looks like Hugo Chavez is truly a classical socialist: he's using anti-Semitism. There is a long tradition of communists and other socialists being anti-Semitic that became lost to history due to the anti-Semitism of the National Socialist Party of Germany. Jews had lots of money, ran the banks, were wealthy capitalists -- so naturally socialists saw Jews as the enemy. After WWII, most socialists tried to get as far away from anti-Semitism as possible -- but it seems like Chavez has decided to go old school with his socialism.

Also, to those who said that Chavez wouldn't censor the media, well, there is little doubt any more that he is and will continue to do so. He recently shut down every media outlet critical of him. I told you so.
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