Friday, March 25, 2011

Posting Policy Change

Due to egregious abuse by an anonymous poster, this blog will now only allow registered users to post. That way people cannot post anonymously, meaning they have to take personal responsibility for their comments because they will be able to be identified. My preference would have been to allow anyone to post, but some people ruin it for everyone when they behave immaturely. Abusive comments are a clear indication that one does not believe it possible to defend one's own positions. It is easy to be abusive when one hides behind "anonymous." One does not have to own up to what one says. There is little danger of someone one respects learning that the bile spewed comes from them. I have no objection to people disagreeing with me. I would love for more people to come to this blog and comment, agreeing and disagreeing. We well-argued disagreement is a benefit to myself and my readers. The kind of bile I marked as "spam" and removed from my blog is a benefit to noone, including the person posting it, as it only works to make them a worse person. These are the reasons why I have made this change in posting policy. On this blog, you will have to stand behind your words publicly.
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