Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Libertarians are Not Conservatives

I am annoyed that libertarians keep getting grouped with conservatives/Republicans. Quite frankly, the Republicans and Democrats have far, far, far more in common with each other than Libertarians have with either Republicans or Democrats, both of which espouse pro-government, collectivist ideologies, both of which are thus equally unethical.

To a libertarian, limited government does not mean more efficient government and it does not mean less government for the sake of less government -- limited government is desired because government is force, it is not reason; it is desired ...because government is corrupting (as power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely); it is desired because government cannot do what it claims to be able to do beyond killing people and breaking things. Indeed, that is it's solution to everything. To be truly anti-government is to be anti-force; those who are pro-government support force, coercion, and violence in human interactions. That's what it means to be a libertarian -- and why the right and the left are identical.
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