Friday, January 07, 2011

Comparing Blogs

I now run three blogs. This one, of course, as well as Evolution and Literature and Austrian Economics and Literature. I have had the latter two up since Sept. 12 and Sept. 14th, respectively. I have three co-bloggers at each of the blogs. As far as topics go, Evolution and Literature is a much older, more established topic than is Austrian Economics and Literature, which was given strong footing with Cantor and Cox's Literature and the Economics of Liberty, released in 2009.

So what explains the fact that Evolution and Literature has had less than 900 hits to date, and has one follower, while Austrian Economics and Literature has had almost 3700 hits to date, and 13 followers -- one more follower than I have on this blog, my first blog, which I have had since August 9, 2004, and which shows only about 13,400 hits.

Certainly I'm not complaining. I'm excited at the success of Austrian Economics and Literature. Very. I just find it interesting that it's taken off as it has, while Evolution and Literature has attracted far less traffic.

Any thoughts?
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