Monday, June 22, 2009

Kropotkin and Obama

In "The Conquest of Bread," anarcho-communist Petr Kropotkin, argued that one positive development in the right direction would be: "Trade-unionism, with a growing tendency towards organizing the different trades internationally, and of being not only an instrument for the improvement of the conditions of labour, but also of becoming an organization which might, at a given moment, take into its hands the management of production". Much like what Obama did with GM and Chrysler. Kropotkin admits "Of course, none of these may, in any degree, be taken as a substitute for Communism, or even for Socialism," but that such would be a move in the right direction.

What I have read by Kropotkin so far shows him to have some very rose-colored glasses when it comes to his pro-socialist understanding of both human nature and history. And it's downright laughable after you're read Hayek's takedown of economic planning.
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