Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Few Addenda to Diaphysics

Energy self-organized into atoms. Atoms self-organized into molecules. Organic molecules self-organized into cells. Cells self-organized into organisms. Organisms self-organized into ecosystems. Neurons self-organized into minds. Humans self-organized into democratic governments, economies, societies, and cultures. Order and complexity comes about in nature from the bottom-up, through self-organization, changing over time through evolutionary processes.

What do you not see? Top-down organization. There is no orderer needed to get any of these things. More, the evidence strongly suggests that an orderer only interferes with the spontaneous orders. Thus, disrupted, they break down and can even die.

Those who believe in creationism believe in top-down organization of the universe.

Those who believe in intelligent design believe in top-down organization of life.

Those who believe in a soul that exists prior to the existence of the body believe in top-down organization of the mind/soul.

Those who believe in socialism (no matter what kind) believe in top-down organization of the government, economy, society, and culture.

In other words, there is no actual difference between a creationist and a socialist when it comes to understanding the fundamental nature of things. You cannot pick and choose which things you want to be spontaneous orders.
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