Thursday, July 03, 2008

Left, Right, Gay, Lesbian

Homosexuals are imprisoned in Cuba.

This fact confused my wife, who wondered why a Leftist regime would care whether or not you are a homosexual. She could understand why religious conservatives would care, but a Leftist government?

That does, admittedly, seem a bit odd on the surface of it, but it's really not if you understand that one of the goals of the Left is to undermine all forms of organization other than the state -- and that includes the family. In other words, the Left agrees with the Religious Right that homosexuality undermines the family. The difference between the two is that the Right thinks this is a bad thing, while the Left thinks it is a good thing. Of course, once you do have a communist country in place, you no longer need to use homosexuals this way, and the fact that the country is now interested in 1) population increase, and 2) suppressing artistic creativity now puts homosexuals in a very precarious position. Leftist regimes are also notoriously against anything that might even come close to decadence, and homosexuality has historically been associated with decadence.

What the Left is doing in the U.S. and what the Left is doing where it is in complete control in relation to homosexuals should make people realize that the Left is only using homosexuals to forward their own agenda, and will be more than willing to do away with this group once their goals have been achieved. The Left believes the same thing about homosexuals that the Religious Right believes: homosexuals undermine families. I don't believe this to be true any more than my wife does, but that fact has nothing to do with what the Left in fact does believe.
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