Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Democrats Oppose Free Trade Agreement that Would Help American Businesses and Workers

Today, in his press conference, President Bush let the Democrats' real motives out of the bag when it comes to the Colombian Free Trade deal. The Democrats are naturally against free trade because they're socialists, and thus they fundamentally oppose all free trade. They use people's economic ignorance to argue against it, arguing that free trade takes jobs away from the American people. However, Bush observed that we already freely accept whatever and however many goods Colombia wants to send us. What the free trade agreement would do, then, was allow American companies to export goods freely to Colombia. In other words, it would benefit American companies and American workers, while benefiting the Colombian consumer by giving them cheaper products and more variety. So why would the Democrats be against such a trade agreement? Notwithstanding their misleading rhetoric to the American people, they do know all this.

The answer is that they don't want to benefit the Colombian consumers. A free trade agreement would benefit both countries, and that is the last thing socialists want: free trade benefitting anyone. Why, happier Colombian consumers might even undermine support for FARC even more, and we can't have that, now can we? Why has Obama avoided traveling to Colombia, while McCain has already gone? Because Obama would be meeting with who he considers the enemy in meeting the Colombian President.
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