Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Can Someone Point Me to the Road From Serfdom?

Under serfdom, the serfs lived on the land owned by the feudal lords, who took a portion of what the serfs produced in exchange for allowing them to live on and work the land.

Fortunately, we no longer have that system.

Today, we live on our own land, which we have to pay taxes on if we wish to continue to live in our own homes on our own land, and when we work, we have to pay taxes for the privilege of working.

Okay, maybe it IS that system.

But at least the main feudal lords have so much land that we can pretend we can freely move around -- within those borders, of course -- and choose which minor feudal lord to whom we wish to pay property and income taxes.

Yeah. That's different. Oh, and we get to choose our feudal lords. Who all pretty much act the same. And who we rarely if ever actually replace. So yeah, there's that.

How do we get on the road FROM serfdom?

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