Monday, July 07, 2014

Spontaneous Orders' Opponents - A Listing

Each spontaneous order has its detractors.

The free market has socialists and others who hate markets.

The technological order has Luddites.

The monetary order has those opposed to usury.

The scientific order has creationists and intelligent designers.

The religious order has the anti-religion atheists (not all atheists are anti-religion).

The philosophical order has various anti-philosophers, from some religious thinkers to sophists of all sorts.

The artistic and literary orders have censors.

The social sciences have anti-economists, anti-sociologists, and those opposed to psychology.

The political order has anarchists.

The philanthropic order has any number of groups who use their opposition to out-groups as an excuse to be selfish. Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. groups that engage in group-think are anti-philanthropy (love of humans).

In making this list, I note two things. The opposition to the newest social orders come from some of our oldest drives and beliefs -- various xenophobias and religion in particular. However, two of our oldest orders -- religious and political -- have more recent enemies.
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