Friday, January 31, 2014

Ontology of Information -- Deriving Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness

In my book Diaphysics, I propose an ontology of information, that the universe is, fundamentally information.

Two articles support this. The first argues that you can derive quantum mechanics from information theory. The other argues that by using information theory, one can come to understand consciousness as another state of matter.

In less rigorously mathematical terms, I essentially make these arguments in Diaphysics.

Consciousness needs to be further understood as an emergent process. Further, consciousness is really consciousness of something. I am conscious of the cup to my left because I have vision. What they mean in the paper on consciousness is of course mind-consciousness, the kind of consciousness that allows for a fully integrated world to be created through neural interactions and social interactions. Michael Gazzaniga in Who's In Charge? essentially argues that the mind is necessarily social, that it emerges in the interactions among human beings. Perhaps that is where all the missing bits the authors are worried about lie.
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