Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senior Fellow, The EDGE Center

Over the past several months, I have been working with several people at UT-Dallas to help set up a social science research center there, the EDGE Center. EDGE stands for "Entrepreneurship, Diversity, and Global Empowerment," and is associated with the Office of Diversity at UTD. It was set up by Elena Labastida, though the directorship has been taken over by Euel Elliott since she left for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Economics and Business position at the AnĂ¡huac University. I will be a Senior Fellow and Editor of the EDGE's interdisciplinary social science journal, "Developments in Spontaneous Orders: A Journal of Diversity, Globalization, and Entrepreneurship." I am very excited about this opportunity. In addition to my editing duties, I will be doing research projects on spontaneous order theory and publishing papers as a Senior Fellow of the EDGE Center. We are presently working on getting the peer-reviewed journal together. It will be officially launched, online, January 2013. Papers on our research areas are welcome. Feel free to email me any and all submissions. We will also be showcasing research being done at the EDGE Center in a special "working papers" section of the journal. We are also hoping to make the journal highly interactive, and to include things like video of interviews and other aspects of research. If anyone wants to help us out at the EDGE Center, we welcome any and all donations. You will be supporting the work being done there, as well as the journal.
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