Monday, May 23, 2011

Discussions of the Moral Order

Over at Coordination Problem Steve Horwitz makes the case for the acceptance of same sex marriage as a natural evolution in the moral order. As one can imagine, that resulted in a discussion of the morality of homosexuality itself (the acceptance of which is also evidence of the moral spontaneous order at work). Despite Steve's attempts to keep the discussion about the evolving moral order itself, a few of us ended up tackling the morality of homosexuality itself. The entire discussion is worth reading, I think. Particularly Richard Ebling's comments (which are always brilliant when he leaves them at Coordination Problem and at Think Markets).

One result is that Mario Rizzo decided to enter into the fray over at Think Markets. He raises the problems inherent in social orders other than markets in general, and the moral order in particular. As that discussion takes off, it should be very interesting.

Of course, I am particularly interested in the idea of the moral order. I have published on it at NOMOI (pg. 3), and of course here on my blog.
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