Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Collapse of the Social Welfare State

In the same way the fall of European Communism began with Poland, it seems that the fall of European socialism is beginning with Greece. The social welfare state is inherently unsustainable. The problem right now is that the people of Greece are rioting to keep a system that is necessarily collapsing. The aftermath of that is likely to be an economic system that is less rather than more free, for Greece to move in the direction of communism and dictatorship. Of course, since Greece is a member of the EU, I cannot imagine that the EU will let them do that. I don't know what the EU has set up to deal with such a problem, but it seems that Greece is rapidly moving toward civil war. If it does, how can we prevent a wider war? And it looks more and more like Spain is not far behind Greece. And how many others?

In the meantime, our President and Congress are rapidly pushing the U.S. to being more like Greece and Spain. More debt, more social welfare programs that require higher taxes and more debt.
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