Friday, October 02, 2009

How to Get to Socialized Medicine

Here is the evil genius of the socialists . . . er, Democrats. To pay for the government health insurance plan, they plan to tax medical devices and replacement parts. This, in addition to taxing private health insurance. This will of course drive up costs, making it more difficult for people to afford medical care, and driving up insurance costs, which will of course be passed on to consumers if possible. The higher insurance premiums, etc. will create pressure for a government option -- which will be "cheaper" because it will be subsidized. Of course, since it will be subsidized, people will pick up the government option. Also, as insurance companies cut prices to try to compete, they will become less and less profitable, until they one by one go bankrupt. This will, in the end, leave people with only the government "option" -- meaning, we will have a single-payer, meaning we will have full-blown socialized medicine. And Baucus still wants to put me in prison if I don't buy insurance, no matter if I can afford it or not, or if I want it or not. So I will in the end be forced -- under threat of imprisonment, which is always a threat of violence, to buy government insurance, no matter if I want it or not. And this is supposed to be a better, more ethical system. A system based on threats and fear? WHen the mafia does this, it's called a protection racket. Why is this illegal for a gang of private citizens, but legal for this gang just because they call themselves our government?
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