Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Racist Leftists

Despite the fact that nobody could ever give a specific instance of my saying or doing anything that could be interpreted as racist, I am often accused of such by Leftists who argue with me online, but don't actually know me. True, it's a shortcut from thinking and is designed to sidetrack arguments they are clearly losing, but it has occurred to me as well that the people who are so apt to accuse others of racism are much like those homophobes who think everyone is gay and who openly, vociferously condemn homosexuals every chance they get. Methinks they both doth protest too much. Those who go around accusing everyone under the sun of racism are themselves the biggest racist, feel guilty about it and, not wanting to feel guilty, project their feelings onto others, accusing those others of that they themselves are. It's pathetic, really. And such people should be called out on this fact every time they accuse someone who disagrees with them of racism.
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