Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Teaser from "Vice: A Tragedy"


Outside. We see the corners of two houses. There are bushes planted between them. Flowers also decorate the fronts of both houses.

Scene 1 – Enter Sam, Allie, Ben, and Randy. Allie is dressed in such a way as to indicate
she is a member of a very conservative religion. It should look fairly uncomfortable to wear. She will wear something familiar throughout. The men are dressed conservatively.


The sign is down. I guess that someone bought
This place. What kind of neighbors will they be?
I hope they’re moral and do as they ought.
To know that we will have to wait and see.


Don’t judge them, Sam, before you get to know
Them. We will see if each is a black crow
Or swan-white, full of grace and beautiful.


If they all shine with grace or all are dull
From evil living, I will know for sure
When I meet them. I’ll know if they are pure.


And if they’re not? What will we do with them
Beside us? It could be a real problem.


Can virtue live this close to wicked vice?
I hope they’re good, else we will pay the price.


I’m sure that they’ll be fine. They’re moving here,
So they must know that our community
Is very ethical. I doubt they’d leer
At us or try to foster enmity.


I hope you’re right or, if you’re not, that they
Are open to conversion. That, I pray.

[Exit all.]
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