Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Don't Believe the Media -- Obama Hasn't Won Anything Yet

In one of the worst cases of media irresponsibility I've seen in a long time, the AP and NBC are reporting that Obama has finally won the nomination. WIth Clinton winning South Dakota, and Obama not having enough delegates from the states to clinch the deal, the superdelegates are still going to be the ones to determine the outcome of the race. They are basing their declaration that Obama won on a report that enough superdelegates have declared for Obama for him to win. Big deal. That means nothing. A declaration that you are going to vote one way or another in two months amounts to nothing. There were several states where Obama was polling better than he actually did in those states. Further, a lot can happen between how and August. Does anyone really think the Clintons are going to sit around for two months and wish for the best? Of course not. They are going to work to find some major dealbreaker to encourage the superdelegates to vote for her instead. And they will be working all the superdelegates the whole time as well. Obama hasn't won anything yet.
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